Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Disneyland Railroad, Frontierland Station, Disneyland USA

The Frontierland train depot was based on a movie set designed for the 1949 Disney film, "So Dear to my Heart." After filming, that actual set was given to animator Ward Kimball, who reconstructed it on his property as part of his Grizzly Flats Railroad. When Disneyland was constructed in 1955, the same plans were used to build the Frontierland station, which remains today.
I started with the "Clarkesville Depot" kit from Walthers, then heavily modified it. I reworked the central building, then scratch built the side wings and platform. I plan to create the adjoining water tower, and incorporate them into an "N" scale model railroad. Dimensions: 11.5" long, 4" wide, 2" tall.

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a. w. said...

This is still a very attractive part of Disneyland !